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SF Movement Practice

SF Movement Practice

This group is oriented toward developing the movement practice of its members, creating community around their practice, and doing both in as potent a way as possible.

This orientation steers our ship.

It decides our structure, how we operate, who can study with us, and what services we do or do not offer.

Who are you?

My name is Johnny Sapinoso. I am a student of Ido Portal. I've been traveling and teaching with Ido and the team around the world since 2012.

Ido has been helping me navigate my movement practice for nearly a decade and is the biggest influence in my development as a practitioner, a student, and as a teacher. I am developing the San Francisco Movement Practice group based in the perspective that he developed. Materials, systems, and methods I use to construct classes have either been learned directly from Ido or have been shaped by working closely with him.

What is a ‘movement practice’?

In this group we aim for general development within a very broad subject: movement. Since the subject is so broad, there is no standard procedure or step by step method on how to pursue it, and also no standard face of what the practice looks like.

Movement practice is not a multi-disciplinary or hybrid-practice that focuses on the combination of A + B + C. Movement practice differs in that it is less attached to what A, B and C are, and it is more interested in what A, B and C are comprised of, what they share in common with each other, how they relate to a larger context, and aims to implement these ideas to better understand and perform D, E, and F.

By aiming to understand the pieces of our practice in the context of both the bigger picture and the smallest pixel, we can aspire to have some basic familiarity with things that we may not have specifically practiced before.

Almost no 'movement teachers' practice or teach with this perspective. An outside observer will probably not immediately notice, but for the practitioner, this perspective makes all the difference.

How do you operate and who can study with you?

You must be a living body, of legal age, and want to prioritize your practice. No one is disqualified based on level (or lack) of experience, injuries, background, or gender etc.

The group is geared toward students who can practice regularly with us. Either with a monthly membership, or a 10 class punch card. I'm interested in developing long term students. I'm not interested in disseminating information to one off clients who I'll never see again, since this would detract from the attention that I can give to the regular group. Any exceptions are made on a case by case basis, send us an email info@sfmovementpractice.com for inquiries.

Classes on schedule are mixed-levels: We move together. We do not offer a ‘one size fits all program’ or a ‘one program scaled to fit all sizes’. Students receive individualized processes and instruction according to individual need, level of ability, and experience with specific tasks inside the classes.

Classes are 2-hours long and minimum enrollment length is 1-month. Classes will be added as the group grows.

Admission is ongoing - jump into the washing machine with us at any point in your development, and at any point during the month.

Interested in building your movement practice with us and joining this community?

Register your information here

Purchase a monthly pass or class card here

Not sure if this is for you?

Send us an email info@sfmovementpractice.com with any questions.